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  • 品 牌: ZU Audio
  • 型 號: Zu Audio EVENT-RCA MKII (1M)
  • 積 分: 830
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Materials used in Event-RCA are similar to our competitor’s much more expensive top offerings; the use of the best solid core silver wire and virgin un-dyed Teflon dielectrics for example, as well as the super-duper WBT NextGen RCA plugs. But these are just the materials supporting the magic—the magic of design is not in the stuff, it’s in the electrodynamics! That’s where Event is different; we have the vision of sound, we know the engineering and we manufacture our cables in-house.

The electrodynamics design and engineering of Event-RCA ensures left/right channels match exactly and share dielectric space. This significantly reduces size and parallel capacitance, guarantees uniform left/right channel response and near perfect shielding from external environmental concerns such as electromagnetic and vibrational radiation. In addition to better sound, the design also lets you run longer lengths without the unfavorable side effects.

The impact Event-RCA can have on your playback enjoyment is potentially as significant as your last new amp or DAC upgrade—and likely at far less cost than either. Take us up on our 60-days satisfaction guarantee, know for yourself.

Event-RCA Mk.II is designed for your single-ended, line-level two-channel interconnection needs. It gives the best possible protection from RF noise, the widest bandwidth, and the most convincing transmission of stereophonic content—left and right channels being nearly perfectly matched with signal of each channel propagating within the same dielectric space. While the dialectic space is shared between left and right, each is positioned so one cannot see or crosstalk to the other. This elimination of crosstalk and reduction of capacitance helps ensure the intelligence of each channel remain independent and pristine.

Our PTFE-VC Teflon® insulation skins the conductors of signal and return and is the structure that sets the cables characteristic impedances. Teflon® is used for its very low dielectric constant, no other commercially available insulator has as good a dielectric behavior as this Teflon® based dielectric.
Conductor used in Event-RCA Mk.II is the highest purity North American mined, smelted, refined and drawn silver. How this pure material is used within the E&M model yields all of the benefits of silver but without the cheaper off-the-shelf stuff’s glare, lean tone, or edginess. In fact, Event-RCA Mk.II is a very relaxed and harmonically dense, life-like sounding cable. We think this is only achieved when emphasis is placed on the E&M architecture; materials simply serving the electrodynamics and target sound.

What is the difference between the RCA and XLR cables, save for the connectors? A question we occasionally get. Well, they are quite different despite looking the same. RCA (single-ended typically) signals and the corresponding cable behave very differently from XLR and we have addressed and designed for the unique features of both. Event XLR Mk.II is balanced and places the left signal in the virtual ground of the right, and vise versa.

The result our hard work and excellent, ever advancing craftsmanship is a state-of the-art performing RCA cable that is highly RF immune, easy to work with, can be ran for very long lengths, and is not totally insane in price (relative).


Zu/Gore® shared dielectric two-channel, single-ended, quasi-balanced electrodynamic geometry for low electromagnetic interference susceptibility and near perfect left/right measures and behavior. This ensures the highest level of stereophonic realism and reduces reactance so signals remain pristine even in very long lengths.
Dense electric and magnetic signature, as well as the cables physical dimensions, further guard against RF and other sources of noise and allow for small and easy handling quality.
The low, uniform and square reactance of Event-RCA Mk.II facilitates long runs without bandwidth loss or phase issues.
Super consistent impedance characteristics of Event-RCA Mk.II reduce standing waves and contribute to the stable propagation of intelligence in short or long runs.
Zu Event -RCA Mk.II has no DC offset and features perfect symmetry between left and right channels. Again, the identical relationship between channels guarantees the highest possible recreation of image dimension, density and tone.
PTFE-VC (Teflon®) + air dielectric with identical electrodynamic relationships provide exceptionally low dielectric constant and super low dissipation factor—features that improve bandwidth, phase relations and overall musical resolution.
WBT NextGen RCA plugs as they are well designed and mate well with the Event-RCA Mk.II cable.
Designed and made by Zu Audio in Ogden, Utah—USA.

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